Weight Management

When it comes to weight loss and weight management, I believe in taking the 4-letter word “diet” out of the equation. You will not be going on a diet. You will be evolving the way you eat in a manner that best suits your lifestyle. In our first meeting, I will do a thorough nutritional assessment and, working as a team, we will discuss your goals and take a look at your current habits to determine what changes need to take place. I will create a food plan designed to meet your needs and will continue to revise this plan over the course of our sessions.

I will help you understand how to make healthier, more informed food choices so that you will not only be confident in your own meal planning, you will also be comfortable navigating any situations outside the home. I will help you make sense of food labels and, as needed, provide you with healthy tools – in the form of literature, recipes, cookbook recommendations, menu plans, and resourceful websites. Working together, we will make your journey both simple and enjoyable, allowing you to incorporate your new habits into your everyday life. It is my goal to give you the optimal chance for success not only in meeting your goals and possibly exceeding them but, most importantly, in maintaining them.