Infant, Childhood and Adolescent Nutrition

These are extremely significant periods of growth in your child’s life and getting the appropriate nutrition is of the utmost importance. As a mother I completely understand the desire to provide nutritious foods for our family and to give our children every advantage for a healthy start in life. I also know firsthand how stressful it can be making sure our children are actually eating well enough to sustain their individual needs.

Maybe you have questions about feeding your infant and how to progress their food intake during their first year of life. Are you convinced your picky eater might never consume anything other than mac & cheese or French fries? Do you wonder if you’ll ever persuade your kids to eat vegetables (beyond the aforementioned French fries)? Are you worried about the adequacy of your teenager’s eating habits? Or, perhaps, you are simply concerned about your child’s weight or health. All of these are common challenges we face as parents and I can work with you through each of these scenarios and any other concerns you might have so that you will feel confident that you are providing your child with healthy tools that will last a lifetime.